An Uphill Journey

The first day back to work after the spring time change is usually a challange each year. Today was no different. The highway was clouded in that gray zone between night and day, the gray at conceals deer and elk from easy sight. The same gray that is just enough to negate your bright lights. … More An Uphill Journey

Mine Visit

Over the last weekend of February a particular mine caught the interest of a friend. Surfing YouTube, he came across video of a the mine in question. He swore up and done the terrain was familiar and maybe the mine was one he had come across years back. So he called and offered an invitation … More Mine Visit

Every Undertaker’s Friend 16.2

Every Undertaker’s Friend by Trek Journeyman © 2016   Chapter Sixteen                                                                                                                         Start at Chapter 1.1 Part Two… Having a third ship to relieve the crowded conditions was a blessing. After all the hardships the circus crew endured, crowded ships were one less stress to deal with. Nate and Joseph … More Every Undertaker’s Friend 16.2