Every Undertaker’s Friend 4.1

Every Undertaker’s Friend by Trek Journeyman © 2016 Chapter Four                                                                                                                       Start at Chapter 1.1 Part one… Soft singing filled the dining area turned performance hall. A woman of mature stature and conservative dress sang of lonely spacemen to her captive audience. Erica stood near a makeshift stage, searching the crowd for anyone familiar. She saw … More Every Undertaker’s Friend 4.1

The god of war wages war on a current hypothesis.

Water on Mars? Current ideas of how it works are apparently inadequate. Hopefully people will be sent, and I’m sure this question will be a priority. The study of Mars’ surface and atmosphere has unlocked some ancient secrets. Thanks to the efforts of the Curiosity rover and other missions, scientists are now aware of the … More The god of war wages war on a current hypothesis.