Skull Art

Several years back I saw a cow skull hanging in an art gallery located in Leadville, CO. I was mortified by the price of $900. Although the craftsman was particularly more skilled than I was at the time, I thought I would try to replicated it and sell it for less. I took the idea and expanded on it.The skull seen above was the result.  I included faceted Epidote crystals (from the Calumet Iron Mine located in Turret, CO) on the horns, Muscovite Mica (from Four-mile Recreation Area) in the eye sockets, and of course my signature Turquoise coating and black acrylic base. This particular cow was consigned through Cowbells back in 2013.

Surprisingly I have found more ladies interested in the skulls than men. I have sold three to women. None to men. Below are additional skull artworks.

The ruler in the first photo is an 18 inch ruler. The second photo is not a skull.  I found the chunk of wood while hiking and though it looked like a deer head. I added antlers and an Amazonite (found in Lake George, CO) crystal for an eye. Every piece of art has a story behind it. The large Big  Horn Sheep skull was never decorated. It ended up being a gift for my friend Tony Riley in Texas. He loved it. This ram was killed by a mountain lion. I hiked 3 miles before I found it and carried it back that same three mile distance.

These next pictures are before and after photos of another project.

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