Living on Mars might be feasible; just build a magnetic field.

A stunning plan is being explored that could lead to Mars being terraformed within the next century. This plan is introduced to you through the Universe Today Blog produced by

Humans constructing a magnetic field generator. A big one. So big that it might push the limits of today’s ethical scrutiny. Sometimes the pace of Human tech growth brings about many questions and objections. Are we playing God when we strive to imitate Him on a planetary scale? What is the boundary between simple invention and wrongful imitation?

For me, it would depend on the consequences of the endeavor. I ask myself if the topic at hand causes hurt to people’s lives on any level.  Take for example Transhumanism.  The religious elements of the movement think that it would lead to some magical evolution of man to a next level above our current consciousness. I don’t know about that. Adding machine and computer parts doesn’t mean evolution is occurring. Maybe adaptation, but not new DNA, and that newness is what true evolution would suggest is to occur.

Within the Christian culture, Transhumanism is getting a bad rap. And to a degree it should, based on the idea of man becoming God. But from a purely engineering standpoint, it shouldn’t. So where is this line I mentioned above?

I read the bible and see the paraphrase that ‘Man was created in God’s image’. So we have to think about what this image is. The Bible opens with creativity. So right off the bat, I think man too was made to be creative. Of course we cannot create Ex Nihilo, or from nothing. But we can create within the constraints of the Laws of Nature. We can explore the barriers and limitations of these laws and engineer new things from them. To me that is imitating God. Being creative.

So if we can discover the parameters related to implanting computers into our brains for improved lifestyles, I’m for it. But I wouldn’t be a supporter of networking such computers in a manner that could result in people getting hacked by nefarious characters, be they criminal, governmental, or commercial. If we can imitate a planetary magnetic field for the purposes of expanding sustainable living zones, I’m for it too.

My feelings in regards to the ethics of future technologies is along the lines of attitude. What is at the heart of the progress? Is it for betterment or for control? If it could be centralized and influenced by few, I see it as a threat to individualism and progress. Whether you believe in dogmatic evolution or dogmatic religion, or somewhere in between,we were created to be individuals, otherwise we would be looking in the mirror at an ant or bee.

I won’t leave out genetic engineering. The possibilities stemming from it are mind boggling. Not to mention the ramifications of a conscious life emerging from it. Would clones have rights? Is that going to far, especially with enhancements that have many torturous failures? GE would surely need copious amounts of regulation. Imagine someone getting the idea to clone slaves for… Ahem, purposes. We’ll really have to watch ourselves. Despite it now being the 21st century, we still have many extreme evils in the world that won’t go away, despite our collective wishful thinking or denial. Especially with political or commercial expediences. When it comes to such things, has man really changed all that much from the beginning when Cain killed Able out of childish, self-righteous jealousy.

Regardless, I say keep on creating. Even if it might one day be planetary in scope. God gave us a particular freedom to create because he wants us to be sort of like Him. We were made to be in fellowship with Him, but steward under Him.

The High Frontier story universe is filled with varied planetary environments. Some fully compatible with Human life, some not so. As Humanity settles the High Frontier, these people will need habitable zones to live in, and that will require artificial means of providing such habitats. Space stations, ships, and even terraformed planets are obvious examples. What is the limit of a people created in His own image. Quite far I’d wager, especially after the universe and mankind along with it are redeemed.

Shielding the Red Planet This week, NASA’s Planetary Science Division (PSD) hosted a community workshop at their headquarters in Washington, DC. Known as the “Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop“, this event ran from February 27th to March 1st, and saw scientists and researchers from all over the world descend on the capitol to attend panel…

via NASA Wants to Build a Magnetic Shield Around Mars — Futurism


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