Project Boo Boo Bear Skull

A once in the lifetime opportunity occurred when a Black Bear skull  caused an artistic avalanche. Boo Boo was sitting in the shop called Curioddity, on Main Street in Salida Colorado. Even at the price paid, he was worth the investment. An unknown man found Boo Boo’s skull somewhere around Canyon City.

Boo Boo came to live in Buena Vista for a few weeks as he underwent a significant upgrade. First, as pictured above, a coat of glossy black acrylic paint was applied.

Note Boo Boo’s eye above. A slice of Muscovite Mica was placed within both eye sockets to simulate the glow of a flashlight reflecting, like a cat’s eyes. Turquoise chips were added to cover a large part of the surface of both his cranium and mandible. Epoxy holds the chips in place quite firmly.

Above, Boo Boo’s head is assembled. The effect of the jaws slightly agape is a nice bonus to his display-ability. Turquoise application is incomplete.

His left side profile in its completed state, jaws agape. An additional layer of epoxy was brushed onto the moving parts of his jawbone hinges of both the mandible and cranium pieces. The bottom edge of the mandible and the base of the skull were also coated to provide durability to the surfaces that Boo Boo rests on.

Boo Boo made his way to Fairplay, Colorado, where he is now on display at Mountain Sun Arts.

Coming soon: Wild Pig and Bull Elk.

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