I found a radiosonde!

This week while on an antler hike in a nearby State Trust Land, I found a radiosonde. It’s not unusual to find balloons, or styrofoam even way back in the places rarely reached by people. Usually it is an old party balloon or chunks of a cooler that were likely wind-blown. But this one was rather different. The styrofoam chunk that attracted attention that day had wires poking from it and writing one side. Closer inspection revealed buttons and an antenna.

No it had my complete attention. I picked it up an saw a piece of paper with instructions telling me to remove the paper for mailing instructions. Now I’ve found a lot of cool things while on hikes, but never a paper telling me how to mail something. I pull the paper out, and discover that it’s a plastic bag, like a tamper-resistant bank deposit bag. It was the same strong plastic  I had used to deliver bags of cash to the bank when I was a manager for blockbuster video (R.I.P.) It even had the same type of glue to seal the bag and prevent tampering.


As you can see the mailing address is labeled to NOAA. Postage paid.

Curious, I googled it and discovered it was a device for weather related science. It can measure and send info on Humidity, pressure, and wind speed. It’s a pretty cool find to add to my memories of odd things I’ve found laying about in the mountains.

The balloons float up to 115,000 ft above the earth. I touched something that had been in space.

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