Mountain Man retreat with Jesus

Over the years I’ve had so many adventures in Colorado’s mountains, I feel I’ve led a rather blessed life. Once I was followed by a mountain lion, another time a friend and I tracked a bear to its food source, and my favorite memory was the time when a bird swan up to me while I was fishing and stared up at me until I rescued it. It sat on my arm for nearly a half hour as I kept fishing.

But this post is about two subjects.

First is the continual story of God following me. I spent this past weekend at a men’s retreat hosted by Ambush Ministries, studying the book Wild At Heart by John Eldridge. It is a journey of masculinity from a biblical perspective. Three day s of intensive introspection became an adventure in which I learned a great deal of how I (and all men) were designed to reflect the masculine image of God the Father. Of course there was discussion about the Feminine image of God as expressed in His design for women.

It was eye-opening to study how wild at heart God is. After all, he created the raging river I raft down and fish in. He created the mighty mountains I struggle to hike up, and the frolicking fawns I see out my back window.  But yet he is a dangerous warrior warring for my heart. I now see how the church as an entity has emasculated Jesus. Think of the time when he cleared the temple of money changers. Picture a hundred tables and booths full of men, bargaining for value in their exchanges. Then picture mild and meek Jesus telling them to leave. No That’s not how it happened. The bible says he made a whip.

Really, picture Jesus making a whip.

He took that whip and drove what might have been hundreds of corrupted men from the temple. Hundreds? I’m sure they protested and fought back. He faced up to injustice within his father’s home. That’s not a meek man to do something like that. I learned I am a reflection of that same mentality of bravery and justice. I have to fight for life. Not as a brute pushing over my fellow humans, but as a just warrior for my morals, family, friends, and society.

Wild at Heart displays how we all as men are meant to be. Ladies can read Captivating, also by John Eldridge, to study the complementary role of women.

The second topic I would like to mention is the food at the retreat. We all said “wow” as we looked over the first meal Thursday evening. And the same thing was said at each meal all the way up to Sunday morning. It was truly gourmet quality and choice. We had tuna burgers one meal, frittata another, and a casserole to die for a third. All food was catered locally and home-cooked by Cheyenne based Cottage Catering. Kudos to Sandy McClelland for the heart she put into our meals. Lasagna, yogurt, and breakfast burritos were also included. We were happy eaters those days.

In the mountains one never know what adventures await. Who would have guessed? Manhood and food became a mountain adventure this last week. Get your own copy of Eldridge’s book today.

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