Every Undertaker’s Friend 8.0

Every Undertaker’s Friend by Trek Journeyman © 2016 Chapter Eight                                                                                                                             Start at Chapter 1.1 Nate Alluisi and his companion Gary had arrived and landed on the same island as the other two ships, but it was the day before. It was a coincidence. He had landed in a deep canyon located more than thirty miles … More Every Undertaker’s Friend 8.0

Every Undertaker’s Friend 7.0

Every Undertaker’s Friend by Trek Journeyman © 2017 Chapter seven                                                                                                                     Start at Chapter 1.1 Joseph fled for over an hour, to get far enough that when Esparza looked for his body he would be too far away. It was late and Joseph didn’t know how long night would last on this planet. Two moons glowed … More Every Undertaker’s Friend 7.0

First big snow

The morning of October 3rd marked a day of sadness for me. Though snow can provide one with much happiness and fun, for me it is something less. Being from Texas, where even the coldest months of the year can present residents with a random 70 degree day, I feel bummed by the first snowfall. … More First big snow