Community Adventure

The town of Buena Vista suffered a nationally reported tragedy back in 2013 involving a rock slide. My personal connection to the tragedy is not as painful as it still is to many in my town. A wonderful family was devastated that morning as was a school and community. I did not know any of the people personally but I worked with them and even might have had an opportunity to be a substitute for the children involved. One thing I do get to be a part of now is the annual community dinner held in their honor. The event is named BV Strong.

This year marked the fourth anniversary of the rock slide that stole away two teachers, a young lady, and left a little girl with a hole in her heart.They all touched the lives of many in our town. In a way this yearly is an adventure. It is an adventure in which people can face tragedy and tell it NO! You will not dictate defeat to us! I have come to learn that the wildness created in our hearts was made to live a life of adventure. Facing and overcoming tragedy is only one part of that adventure. This community knows it can face and remember tragedy without letting it oppress and keep it down.

Nearly 3600 people filled the main drag of Buena Vista on Sept 26 to join together in facing off against all forms of tragedy. It was a tasty meal, but that wasn’t the point. This is what community looks like. GO BV!

Looking west up Main St. The strong glare from the sun and chilly weather can’t stop BV Strong.


Looking East down Main St.

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