First big snow

The morning of October 3rd marked a day of sadness for me. Though snow can provide one with much happiness and fun, for me it is something less. Being from Texas, where even the coldest months of the year can present residents with a random 70 degree day, I feel bummed by the first snowfall. In Fort Worth, Texas. The first cold days of the season don’t arrive until early November. They leave around early March.

Not in Colorado at 8000 ft ASL. The last week of September is typically the arrival of the cold. It doesn’t leave until mid May. October brings 20 degree mornings. For a warm weather Texican, that’s bad news. I miss the feel of the longer warm season in Texas and the early arrival of the gulf warmth in March. But even paradise has its trade offs. I do not miss 100 days of 100 degrees. I do not miss the swarming gaggle of people. Buena Vista is my paradise, regardless of winter. I had a sub job in Leadville that day and they get it even worse. Last year I walked above the playground equipment, there was so much snow. Four feet of compacted snow covered every house.

Leadville Oct 3rd 2017 and it’s just the beginning.

The snow won’t stop me from going out to fish, hike, or enjoy my mountains. But when you lose the ability to walk around in your front yard or can’t exit your back door because of accumulated snow, it just feels wrong. My first winter in 2009 we had a constant two feet of snow from November to April. I cleared a small canyon on the sidewalk several times and had to keep it dug out from snow drifting. I made my first REAL snow men that winter too


Snowman with ketchup, snowman stuck in a hole.



Snowman fleeing snow shark, Oops. I hit a snow pedestrian.



Crazy deep snow on Jeep, Sometimes a snow adventure isn’t so fun. Ice fell on windshield.


Town buck. I got his left antler.

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