Mountain Mornings

When my parents moved to Colorado one of my stepfather’s favorite sayings was “Every day the same scenery is always different, it’s always a new view.”

I came to agree whole-heartedly. It may be the same view everyday, but there is something that is always different. Every cloud shadows a new spot, each hour changes the sun’s angle on another spot, and every day as the sun sinks further toward the southern horizon or moves back up in accordance to the seasons, the contours of the mountains seem different. The landscape transforms with every minor change. Its amazing how different one view can be the next day,

Today begins my record of different views on different days as the year goes by. Today’s pictures are of the western side of the Arkansas River Valley as seen from Buena Vista. As the sun is rising, light illuminates the west side and makes every nook and cranny of the terrain stand out. It snowed overnight and as I drove to work this was the view I was blessed with.


Facing to the northwest in this first picture is Red Deer Mountain where there is still snow falling.

Moving to face the west, Mount Princeton is captured along with Sheep Mountain and the southern end of Red Deer.

The last picture is Mount Princeton and a southwest view of the chain of 14,000 ft mountains stretching to the south. Notice the snow in each picture starts right at the base of the mountain chain.

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