Dec 14, 2017. Sunrise

Another day another dollar?  Yes, but… walking out the front door each morning in Buena Vista can be a treat. Up here I’m not surrounded by trees obstructing the my view of the horizon. In fact it is so open that my 360 degree view is completely unobstructed by trees and buildings. This particular morning blessed me with a golden pastel reflecting off the cloud base.


Two weeks ago, on an outing searching for elk antlers, I came across a hunting camp that had been left empty. Other than the fire pit, there was only one other sign of occupation; the crapper. Image yourself walking along, minding your own business, and you come across a lone toilet seat. This particular seat looked shiny new. Someone had mounted 2 x 4s and a toilet seat between two seats. Below the seat sat a mound of mixed earth. You can guess what was mixed within.


Actually they did a fine job of design. It was rather solid (a test kick proved this,) and the wood was not aged. It had been put up this past hunting season. Of particular appreciation, the toilet hole itself was filled in. It is frustrating to walk about a popular camping area and see piles of stuff in the open, surrounded by a vast array of TP wads left strewn about the landscape. Do people leave their own crap in their front lawn? So why not take a five-minute stretch of their miserable lives and dig a darn diddly hole? People, or more specifically city (shitty) people… It’s too hard to not be discriminatory toward knuckle heads like them.

Any, being a person who frequents the outdoors, far away from plumbing, I have made my own contributions to fertility. I always dig a hole or move aside a small boulder. Maybe I’ll find a comfortable place like this to read the Mountain Telegram or the Ponderosa Morning Post. At least there will be a hole, but the draft up the crawl is bad.

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