Huge elk soon to be in gallery

Its been a long time in the making, working between my other income producing ventures, but it is nearing completion. My name of my latest art project is 310.


For size comparison, the oil funnel is four inches at the lip. This elk came from my friend Justin Willis and scored a 310 net using the Boone & Crockett scale. It weighs close to 30 lbs give or take. As you can see it started out bleached. A coat of acrylic enamel was applied to the entirety of the skull, and a wrapping of leather was placed on the right antler base.



I applied over 500 grams of polished turquoise chips to the skull. This part was the most time-consuming aspect of the project.


A close look at the eyes will reveal silver dollar sized plates of Muscovite Mica inside. They give the eyes a shiny, reflective look. Although elk do not have reflective eyes in the dark like cats, it added a unique element, as opposed to having two huge empty sockets.


I took 310 to Swissvale and the taxidermist there did my horn staining. His artistry reproduced the white rub patterns typical to fresh antler sheds. Elk rub their tips during the rut as decaying velvet falls off and the mating hormone is secreted from the antler base. It is so huge it takes up the front end of my pony car. Here you see the final product.

Though I did not find 310, imagine carrying this guy through trees and down steep slopes. Antlers tend to catch on everything as a person carries them, but never cause trouble for the elk itself. Go figure.

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