Colorado Tough!

I looked outside the teacher workroom Monday morning to a pretty sight of snow covering the local high school football field.

To my surprise a trail of prints stood out. It looked as though a herd of teens ran a lap or two around the field.

A few observations….

First off, back in Texas, school would be closed. Yes, some areas do not have the equipment to provide safe travel to school and work. It’s a valid excuse, plows and drivers can be costly when used once every other year.

Second, no teenager from Texas would endure the cold for the sake of keeping one’s body in prime shape during off-season.

Third, the parents would be upset that their kids would have to do laps in the unbearable, abusive snow.
Danger, opinion forthcoming…

In my opinion this speaks volumes about the cultural differences between my old home and my new home. The tough kids in Colorado have the fortitude to persevere through difficult and uncomfortable weather. Kids in Texas see the same weather as an excuse if not abuse. My opinion of course.

Then there are parents. Again the culture in Colorado is such that weather does not stop outdoor activity as effectively as in Texas. Maybe it even goes as far as the parents actively condoning it. They seem to approve of the character building aspects of enduring through uncomfortable circumstances. I couldn’t imagine a Texan parent feeling the same.
I’ve heard the saying “Texan Tough,” but I feel compelled to have whole new standard of tough. “Colorado Tough.”

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