Mine Visit

Over the last weekend of February a particular mine caught the interest of a friend. Surfing YouTube, he came across video of a the mine in question. He swore up and done the terrain was familiar and maybe the mine was one he had come across years back. So he called and offered an invitation for me to join him on a three hour tour.

The video showed a mam romping up a jeep road on a motorcycle. He arrives at the mine and gives a tour of the dump and building. Then he finds the adit. The man enters and thoroughly explores the mine while filming on his helmet mounted GoPro. At one point he finds a pocket of azurite copper. And you could clearly see it.  So my friend and I went to find the mine.

Bummer. We didn’t find the exact mine. My friend was mistaken in his recollection. But all was not lost. We spent more than an hour digging about the dump of this unnamed mine a thousand feet above the Arkansas River. 

The two dump bins were in decent shape. And there were tracks laying about. I neglected to photograph the pair of wheelless ore carts, but did a close up of a track spliter.

The dumps were filled with srap manganese ores and calcite dogtooth crystals. Some pretty specimens of drusy calcite were about also. Here is a Crack filled with half cm calcite crystals. 

The three hour tour turned into a six hour day. Still, the long hike back to the vehicle had its gifts too. We had been along this same jeep road about eight years ago so we visited the same digs from before. One was a cave that had been lived in, and another was a cool arch.

The view of distant mountains was also a treat.

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