An Uphill Journey

The first day back to work after the spring time change is usually a challange each year. Today was no different.

The highway was clouded in that gray zone between night and day, the gray at conceals deer and elk from easy sight. The same gray that is just enough to negate your bright lights. That will be the gray that is once again greeting me when I’m half asleep and driving 40 minutes uphill to Leadville for this first week of time change.

About twenty minutes into the drive, as I’m more alert and the sun is peeking over the horizon, I see a sight that reminds me why mornings are not as bad as I like to tell myself.

The entire range of mountains in the north half of the Arkansas River Valley glows under the first rays of the sun. Now that’s more like it, a sight not to be missed because I’d rather be in bed when it’s dark.

Okay, I saw it. Now if the sun would rise earlier faster so I’m not out of bed when it’s dark. It just seems wrong to be up before the sun is up. I prefer to greet the sun, not have it greet me.

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