It Was Supposed To Come, But Didn’t.

It was the morning on a day we were forecast a day of snow. There was snow alright, at 12,000 ft. Not a lick of any in town or in the valley. This was a shot of the wall of snow producing cloud hanging above the 14,000 ft tall Mt. Princeton. It was huge, and expansive. It never came over us. I was in awe of the stark contrast between the blue morning sky and dense snow fall precipitating right on the mountains.

A few days later a friend and I went for a hike on the east side of the valley. I found my first moose antler at the end of the hike, about a hundred yards from my jeep. It’s not big like the ones on display at Cabela’s, but I yelped in excitement as I laid eyes on it.

I also saw a dead owl baby my friend first noticed. That’s the second one I’ve seen. Maybe in a few months I’ll go back and see if the skull is still there.

On the way home we scared up a pair of big horn sheep. They were laying right on the road. We got a nice close up as they grazed just off the road. Why God gave them snow white butt cheeks I’ll never know. It kind of funny to see their butts in the headlights at night, it’s all the warning you see sometimes. Something white is floating out there in the distance, maybe even moving. But it turns out to be a butt.

As usual, the views were beautiful. Note the clouds on the big mountains across the valley. It was snowing on the big mountains again, but never produced any on the valley floor.

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