Spring break came and went, but didn’t break.

Spring in the high mountains is certainly not like spring in Ft Worth. The snow came back and the cold never left. Six inches of thick wet snow stuck around for half a day. Normally it would be several days until the snow cleared enough for good antler hiking.

This week was a big break through for my health. For the first time in two years I hiked eight miles in one hike. I feel it today, but I did it. Eight miles of no-trail hiking, hitting aspen tangles and long uphill slopes in search of elusive elk antlers. I did find one fortunately. Aspen are a favorite food for elk, especially the bark off a fresh windfall tree.

Five hikes since last week takes it toll, maybe 15 miles of hiking in total. A restful Easter Sunday is called for and earned.

I don’t get to South Park too often for any reason and this past break was the exception. Nearby Camp Como hosted a sunrise service and breakfast requiring a five in the morning wake up. The view from the porch of the main hall was worth it.

A snow flurry greeted everyone.

I also came up with a new approach in making clocks. Over the years I’ve collected a nice pile of brass bullet cases from city shooters hunting trees and cans. I thought up a way to use them…

So spring break is over, but the views and adventures will never end.

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