The Power of Lightning.

Lightning is always fun to watch, and even more fun to actually see a strike happen before your eyes. I can’t say I ever saw a strike, but I did have one hit within a few yards of me once while on a jog years ago.

What I have seen plenty of are the results. Take this for instance.

I’m looking at a ponderosa pine more than two feet in diameter. The section of trunk seen here is about fifteen feet high. The chunk missing was blown out by lightning. A full quarter of the trunk’s volume is missing.

That had to have been one heck of a punch by Thor’s supepower. I’ve seen hundreds of pine and firs with small gouges and streaks, but this one is the biggest yet. I’m always aware of the weather when on the slopes, but this serves as a good reminder. Stay out of lightning, it might explode you.

Other than lightning, other dangers abound. Such as bears and mountain lions. A freind told me of the mountain biker killed by a lion in California. Got him from behind by the head. Ouch.

Once on a hike in the snow I circled around back to my own tracks and found a set of lion tracks had followed my tracks. I followed those tracks back again to my second tracks. Scary.

This week I found a shoe way out in nowhere land.

There are many possible scenarios to explain this find. Maybe sasquatch was offended by a camper. Or a lion got him. Or a hiker had a blowout. I figure a bear chewed his leg off and left the shoe. I only found the one.

I think it was a Nike, and it was pretty old and rotten. My advice, don’t become a bear chew toy. Telling a bear you’re a vegetarian won’t help either. She’ll just respond by telling you she’s a humanitarian.

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