Mountain adventures good, mountain employment bad.

The mountain lifestyle offers up some pretty interesting adventures, the best that living in America has to offer. But reality calls, and employment must continue. I find myself in the role of painting houses for ten hours a day. Its hard work, mentally and physically, but you meet some nice people and have enjoyable conversations. One home that stands out was this house with a one story tall boulder in the front yard. One could leap to it from the deck. I laid on it to paint the rails.

Working ten hour days takes away from the frequency of my mountain exploring, but it won’t sap away all of them. It’s good to mix rock climbing with working.

There’s always something wonderous to photo around every corner. One such wonder is this family of deer standing on the lawn of the county courthouse in Salida.

Zoom in to see twins feeding.

Fires are a big concern this summer, more so than any occasion the last fifteen summers I’ve been here. I’ve Seen two with my own eyes already and heard of three others, until today. A fire broke out in South Park this week right in an area I hike. From my angle it looked like it was burning near Salt Creek or Pony Park.

It’s the biggest yet in my area this year, not including the several other fires in Colorado still burning.

Often, the forest diservice selectively burns a particular area to spawn growth. This spot shown was a burn from several years back. Sometimes they do good things, but more often it seems they exist to close Colorado. Like a store closes, more and more of my favorite areas are being closed down or blocked from access for reasons that are unjustified. How far will they take it, I don’t know.

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