What’s this website about?


Welcome to the story blog of Trek Journeyman. Each post will consist of the latest creative imagineering of the most current book Trek is writing.  New blogs posts are added as serial segments of a story. The story serials are published in a first draft form and will be different in many ways from the upcoming final edition that will eventually be consolidated into eBook and paperback form available at Amazon.com.

The posts may  include some errors in grammar and spelling because they will be proof read to a limited degree. The idea is to get my daydreaming into the minds of readers as quickly as possible while adding a level of anticipation for the next installment. Welcome to the High Frontier, where the American West is personified in the men and women who colonize the Milky Way.

In addition to High Frontier writing, this blog will include a section dedicated to my artwork through the brand Aspens & Antlers. By utilizing unique features, such as beaver chewed aspen trunks and locally mined turquoise, my antler themed home decor will enhance the feel of your cabin or home.

Every piece of art is different due to the distinct features of individual deer and elk. Each tree trunk selected also possesses its own chew pattern from the beaver that cut off its top. As aspen trees grow they shed their lower branches and retain scars  that present beautiful patters when sanded and stained. Additionally, if the tree was in the process of being killed by beetles, it will have purple staining resulting from bacterial activity related to beetle infestation.

Aspens & Antlers is located in historic Buena Vista, Colorado. This small and friendly mountain town is surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountain vistas. It is the part-time home of Trek Journeyman. There are many enjoyable activities for all the members of your family or group. No matter the time of year, there will be something to do. In summer people hike, jeep, fish, raft, and kayak. In the winter there is snow snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and nearby skiing.

Animal life, especially deer and elk, are plentiful. In addition to hunting one can come to observe and photograph the varied but reclusive animals. One of the most important ingredients to antler art work found at Aspens & Antlers are the antlers. The antlers, turquoise, and tree trunks are all gathered locally.  If the artwork were food it would be all organic, from sustainable sources, and locally grown.

It takes many hours of hiking in the rugged valleys to acquire the assortment of antlers used. In addition to personally collecting the antlers, Trek also mines the turquoise and digs out the tree trunks used for each lamp. Another unique work of art made by Trek are fully functional fireplace sets made from elk antlers and small hat and scarf hangers. All lamps use UL listed parts and include an underwriters knot inside the fixture for your peace of mind.