Mine Visit

Over the last weekend of February a particular mine caught the interest of a friend. Surfing YouTube, he came across video of a the mine in question. He swore up and done the terrain was familiar and maybe the mine was one he had come across years back. So he called and offered an invitation … More Mine Visit

The god of war wages war on a current hypothesis.

Water on Mars? Current ideas of how it works are apparently inadequate. Hopefully people will be sent, and I’m sure this question will be a priority. The study of Mars’ surface and atmosphere has unlocked some ancient secrets. Thanks to the efforts of the Curiosity rover and other missions, scientists are now aware of the … More The god of war wages war on a current hypothesis.

The Future?

I happened to come across this this video while exploring YouTube. I thought it was a movie preview, but it turned out to be a commercial for a new company that I had not heard of until now. The (company?) (Corporation?)  is named Arconic. AS I learn more about them I categorize the company with … More The Future?